Roy Vivian - National Walleye Tour Professional

Roy Vivian - National Walleye Tour Professional

Jun 5th 2020

I just spent a week up at Leech Lake putting your new hooks to the test. All I can say is wow! I am convinced that your new hook is the best hook I have ever used!

I did not loose one fish when using your hook and all of the walleyes were hooked in the Zoneloc®. The little twist you did makes a huge difference, as the barb isn't gauging a hole in the fish's mouth. This means more fish will be hitting the net!

I can't wait to try the harnesses! I will be fishing a tournament in July. If I can find the right fish I am sure that I will have a competitive advantage over the field!

Thanks for letting me use this hook before it takes the fishing world by storm!
-- Roy Vivian

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